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About Julie

Julie Goodnight established a connection with horses at a young age, and after a successful

run as a youth rider on jumping horses, she galloped her way through college riding race horses. For nearly four decades, she’s been at home in the Colorado Rockies, pursuing wilderness sports and riding cow-horses. 

Founding her training business in 1985, Julie’s reputation as a horse trainer grew far and wide. In 2008, she began producing Horse Master with Julie 

Goodnight, a popular how-to horse training series that aired weekly for more than a decade, with 260 episodes. She now travels the world to produce compelling horse TV, and educates horse owners everywhere through her online training programs at

Growing up in the ‘60s on a small horse farm in central Florida, Julie had a connection with horses from a young age. Little did she know that her childhood affinity would blossom into a remarkable career with horses. Now an internationally renowned trainer and clinician, Julie is a rarity in that she has ridden and trained extensively in multiple disciplines, both English and western, working with multiple breeds. Her focus is on classical horsemanship and developing the horse and rider’s relationship.  

Following a successful run as a youth rider on jumping horses, Goodnight headed west to fulfill her dreams of skiing, mountain climbing and white-water paddling. She galloped her way through college on the backs of Thoroughbred race horses, graduating from the University of New Mexico with Magna Cum Laude distinction. After graduation, Julie move to southern Colorado, where she started her horse training business in 1985.

It wasn’t long before Goodnight was known for having a special touch with horses and a gift for teaching people. Her reputation grew, and she began traveling the world to share her unique approach to horse training.

In 2008, Julie began producing the popular TV series, Horse Master with Julie Goodnight, a how-to horse training series that aired weekly on RFD-TV for eleven years. After producing and starring in 260 episodes, Julie has now set her sights on sharing the magical world of horses with a broader audience, through 2Horse Productions, an equine, nature and adventure lifestyle production company.

Julie doing groundwork with a fractious horseJulie is a member of the prestigious Horse & Rider team, and she offers guidance to horse enthusiasts in articles and through clinics and appearances worldwide. Goodnight is a frequent contributor to top horse publications such as Horse & Rider and Horse Illustrated, and the author of a syndicated column reaching more than 20 regional horse publications monthly. She also produces a monthly audio podcast on horse training, offers online educational programs and her On-Demand Videos are among the top go-to training tools for horse owners everywhere.

Goodnight travels both domestically and internationally to teach horsemanship and she was named Exceptional Equestrian Educator by Equine Affaire – one of only three such awards ever given. Goodnight is Spokesperson for the Certified Horsemanship Association, an organization focused on promoting safety and excellence in horsemanship, and she holds their highest level of certification, Master Clinic Instructor.

Goodnight and her husband, Rich Moorhead, a ski-industry professional, reside near Salida, Colorado. In their spare time, they enjoy skiing, boating and riding cow horses.

Julie Goodnight is best known for her show, “Horse Master,” and for her no-nonsense training for riders of all disciplines. Her methods are grounded in natural horsemanship, classical riding, and understanding horse behavior. She teaches at clinics and expos everywhere and offers online education, how-to DVDs, and her own tack and training tools at Please welcome, Julie Goodnight.

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  • Julie Goodnight Celebrates 15 Years of ‘Peak Performance’ Saddles: July 25, 2022
    Designs That Stand the Test of Time & Stand Out from the Crowd When you can’t find it, build it! Julie Goodnight realized her dream of building the “perfect” Western saddle 16 years ago when she teamed up with Circle Y Saddles to design her exclusive “Peak Performance” line of saddles. “I grew up riding […]
    Julie Goodnight
  • Equine Affaire Meets Horses In The Morning: July 21, 2022
    Starting July 21, listen to Equine Affaire’s official podcast via the Horse Radio Network! The official Equine Affaire podcast has found a new home on the Horse Radio Network! On the third Thursday of every month, Equine Affaire’s podcast will air as part of Horses in the Morning on the Horse Radio Network. Each episode […]
    Coagi Long
  • Going to a Clinic? Set Up for Success June 30, 2022
    breaks down what to consider, and what to expect, in the latest episode of Ride on with Julie Goodnight. ( “After several decades of teaching horsemanship clinics, as well as participating in many clinics myself as a rider, I have a good perspective on how clinics work, from both sides,” says Goodnight. “I’ve put together […]
    Julie Goodnight
  • ‘Making Great Strides’: 4-H Youth Spend the Day with Julie Goodnight June 27, 2022
    An enthusiastic group of young 4-H members had an experience they won’t soon forget when Julie Goodnight offered a clinic at their annual horse camp at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Castle Rock, Colorado. Douglas County hosts an annual horse camp for 4-H Horse Project members⁠. For four days, industry professionals and volunteers share their […]
    Julie Goodnight
  • Unclear is Unkind: Approach Training from the Horse’s Perspective May 31, 2022
    How horses learn and how many people think they learn are often at odds. Julie Goodnight sheds light on how horses learn from every interaction with a person–for better or worse–in the  latest episode of Ride on with Julie Goodnight. ( “No one sets out to teach a horse to be difficult to handle, but […]
    Julie Goodnight
  • Find a Horse’s Present Skills to Set the Right Training Goals for the Future  May 27, 2022
    It’s hard to know where you’re going without knowing where you’ve been—and where you are right now⁠—and nothing is more true when it comes to training horses. Julie Goodnight developed a revealing quiz to establish a horse’s current training level and make the right training plan from there. ( “Think of a horse’s training level like […]
    Julie Goodnight
  • Webinars on How to Work on the ShareFile Platform, Create Fillable PDFs and Level Up in CHA by Certified Horsemanship Association April 28, 2022
     The Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) features Ann Streett-Joslin on how to use Sharefile and create fillable PDF forms for your equine business. Ann does editing, layout, file organization, and user support of CHA’s hundreds of documents.  Ann has been active with horses and the horse industry for more than 55 years, from the show-ring, to […]
    Jacqueline Tiley
  • Get a Shovel: How to Find—and Fill—the Holes in a Horse’s Training April 27, 2022
    Nearly every horse has some inevitable gaps in their training—steps skipped along the way—and many training issues that pop up later on are rooted in these holes. Julie Goodnight shares her insight on how to find the holes in a horse’s training, and where to go from there in the latest episode of Ride On […]
    Julie Goodnight
  • For the Insatiable Students of the Horse: Julie Goodnight Hosts 2nd Annual Horsemanship Immersion Clinic at C Lazy U Ranch April 26, 2022
    Julie Goodnight invites you to join her on a dream “getaway” you won’t soon forget–five full days to ride, relax and be a student of the horse in her Horsemanship Immersion clinic–nestled in the mountains of Granby, Colorado, October 25-30, 2022. ( “As a teacher, it doesn’t get any better than having 200 horses to […]
    Julie Goodnight
  • Hauling Precious Cargo? What Every Rider Needs to Know Before They Go March 31, 2022
    Whether it’s down the road or hundreds of miles, when it comes to trailering horses, a lot can go wrong from point A to B. Julie Goodnight shares what every rider needs to know before they load up in the latest episode of Ride On with Julie Goodnight. ( “Loading horses into trailers and hauling […]
    Julie Goodnight

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Goodnight is known for her informative and entertaining horse demonstrations and clinics, as well as her compelling lectures and inspiring keynote speeches. She is extremely popular with expo attendees because of her clear, practical, no-nonsense—yet humorous—presentations. With her popular TV show and her expansive social media presence, Goodnight brings a lot of marketing power to the table.

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