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Goodnight Clinics

Julie Goodnight clinics focus on understanding the horse’s natural behavior, improving the relationship between horse and rider and developing the rider’s skill and ability to communicate with and control the horse. You’ll leave with a better understanding of your horse and tools to help you create the connection you want!

Goodnight offers 2- to 5-day clinics on topics ranging from general horsemanship to wholeness retreats, ranch riding and trail riding; open to riders of all breeds, disciplines and ability levels. Bring your horse and get personalized coaching or come as a spectator and learn from observing Goodnight work with all the horses.

For more information on clinics, call now at 719-530-0531.

April 2021

Women’s Riding & Wholeness Retreat

Join clinicians Julie Goodnight and Barbra Schulte in the glorious Rocky Mountains, to gain new riding skills, explore your passions and to indulge yourself.
28 Apr 21 – 01 May 21
All Day
C Lazy U Ranch
3640 Colorado Hwy 125, Granby, CO 80446
September 2021
Working cattle at C Lazy U

Ranch Riding Adventure

Join Julie Goodnight and her assistant trainers, for the best of both worlds—an educational horsemanship clinic and a fun riding vacation!
16 – 20 Sep 21
All Day
C Lazy U Ranch
3640 Colorado Hwy 125, Granby, CO 80446
October 2021

Saddle Up! Women’s Leadership™ Program

Experience a leadership retreat like no other in the beautiful fall weather of C Lazy U Ranch. Surround yourself with like-minded women in this special weekend retreat lead by the renowned Julie Goodnight and Barbra Schulte.
07 – 11 Oct 21
All Day
C Lazy U Ranch
3640 Colorado Hwy 125, Granby, CO 80446

Horsemanship Immersion

Boot camp for your horsemanship! This well-rounded program is focused on education and skill-building and is taught by Julie Goodnight, in a luxurious, vacation-like setting.
21 – 25 Oct 21
All Day
C Lazy U Ranch
3640 Colorado Hwy 125, Granby, CO 80446
No event found!

Ride with Julie
Bring your horse/s and work with Julie to improve your horsemanship. Stabling available (extra fee); school horses available at some sites. $650 for both days; to register call 800-225-8827 or register online when you choose to pay the full amount. You may select to pay the deposit if you register by phone. Full payment required prior to the clinic.

What to Expect
Goodnight clinics are focused on developing your leadership skills through ground work and improving your riding skills. We will focus on your equitation as well as addressing training goals for your horse. Each horse and each rider is met at his/her own level. Everyone works at their own pace, so do not be concerned about you or your horse’s fitness level– take a break whenever you need one! The information presented in the clinic will be comprehensive in nature, starting with fundamentals and progressing through advanced skills. Minimum skills required of horse and rider: basic control at walk and trot. You are not required to canter although there will be plenty of cantering for those that are ready for it.

There will be two sections of riders– a maximum of 12 riders in each section; Julie will place the riders in the section according to your Personal Profile, which you will complete after registering. Each section will have two sessions a day in the arena with Julie; two hours of ground work in the morning and two hours of mounted work in the afternoon, plus practice time, with Julie’s assistant. The focus is on building a better relationship with your horse, improving your riding skills and gaining more authority over your horse, both from the ground and in the saddle.

The content progresses throughout the clinic so that each session builds upon the other. After each session in the arena, you will have time to practice the skills learned, with coaching from Julie’s assistant, then you will rest your horse and listen in on the other section’s main lesson (you’ll have time to practice these skills in your next session). Every horse and participant works at their own level and speed. Sections allow for smaller groups, divided by the skill level of both horse and rider, to ensure that everyone gets the personal attention they need and that each horse and rider is challenged at the appropriate level.

Spectators at Goodnight’s clinics enjoy watching all the horses and riders and learning from a broader perspective. Observe the details, ask questions, make notes and network with others in a friendly and growth-oriented environment.

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Or call our office for help finding the clinic near you at (719) 530-0531

A view of C Lazy U Ranch, April 2017.

Each year, we offer several luxurious weekend getaways in the Rocky Mountain splendor of Colorado, hosted at the C Lazy U Ranch in Granby, Colorado. Take advantage of shoulder-season rates at a world-class guest ranch with riding clinics and ranch activities included.

You can bring your partner or invite your horsey friends to the retreats, but you’ll also feel comfortable coming on your own and will make plenty of new friends.

Register early for this “bucket list” riding vacation with Julie Goodnight!

TO REGISTER: Contact C Lazy U directly to book and for details, or call C Lazy U Ranch at 970-887-3344

For both clinics and expos, we depend of a few “local” volunteers to help set-up, collect tickets, help customers, write up sales and assist Julie when she needs help. We count on enthusiastic followers that have familiarity with Goodnight’s products and enjoy learning and being part of the Goodnight crew.

Let us know you would like to Volunteer Now!

In these changing times when travel is restricted, I find people need face-to-face instruction in smaller groups. My private clinics allow me to witness the dynamic between horse and rider in person—to help you find solutions on the spot. I will come and work with individuals or small groups for one or more* days. You set the pace and content.

We’ll have fun while learning, and you will be able to take all the time you need to learn new skills or hone existing ones. We’ll work together to have the best possible experience.

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"I have been a rider and a spectator at Julie Goodnight clinics. What I enjoyed the most is that Julie is constantly watching and teaching. I was amazed at how she could see each of us and notice each horse. I wish all horse people could interact with Julie. She makes it simple and fun."

—Sue H

"I saw you first at Equine Affaire several times then had the good fortune to come to your clinic with Kimmer in Tn… I found your clinic very professional, positive, straightforward and very rewarding Joanne had learned so much from you, it has made her a much better rider, more confident in her manner of correction. Which has been a blessing to both horse and rider. So thank you, Julie."

—Helen K.

"I got to audit a clinic. Julie answered each of our questions thoroughly and thoughtfully. She was fun and it was a pleasure to see the changes in all the rider/horse as the day progressed! Hope to see Julie again!!"

—Kathi V.

"Julie, I want to thank you again for the very informative and professional clinic you provided in Lincoln this past weekend. I was aware that I was doing several things with my riding incorrectly which was confusing both my horse and me. I came away from your clinic with the drills, tools and information I needed to work on and improve my riding with practice. It was a pleasure learning from you and I especially appreciated your ability to immediately identify when I was not doing a drill or riding correctly and have a correction/solution for it."

—Glenn J.