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Julie Goodnight reaches Western and English riders around the world.

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Goodnight’s marketing is everywhere you want to be— broadcast TV, magazines, social media, podcasts, and in person at major public events. Aligning your brand with Julie Goodnight means your company has a full-access pass to the demographic you want—horse owners who want to make their horse lives better and who seek Julie’s advice. With an outstanding fan-base, 100% organic and cultivated over decades, Goodnight’s influence over horse owners is significant. It’s time to put Goodnight’s stellar reputation to work for your brand!

Goodnight’s advertising packages include ads and links in her 31,200-member opt-in newsletter as well as posts on her Facebook page, with 353K+ organic fans. Goodnight’s fan base is engaged, with an average monthly post reach of 160,000, and 1.5 million total video views in 2019. Goodnight excels at getting the word out to her growing audiences on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

For Exclusive Sponsors, Goodnight is face-to-face with the consumer, promoting endorsed products at major equestrian events. She reaches an estimated 300,000 fans each year during live presentations, autograph signings and Q&A.

We invite you to look at the following advertising and endorsement options, and to put these amazing numbers to work for you.

—Twyla Walker Collins, Business Manager

Our Audience

About Julie Goodnight

Growing up in the ‘60s on a horse farm, Julie Goodnight established a connection with horses early-on. Little did she know that her childhood affinity for horses would blossom into a remarkable career as an internationally known horse-whisperer and TV personality. Following a successful run as a youth rider on jumping horses in Florida, Goodnight headed west to pursue her dreams of skiing, mountain climbing and white-water adventures. She galloped her way through college on the backs of racehorses in New Mexico, moving to Colorado and founding her horse training business in 1985. 

Goodnight soon became known for having a magical touch with horses and a gift for connecting with people. As her reputation grew, and she began travelling the world to share her unique approach to horse training. In 2008, Goodnight became Executive Producer and Host of the TV series, “Horse Master with Julie Goodnight,” an unscripted horse training series that aired weekly for eleven years—Goodnight starring in all 260 episodes. Goodnight now sets her sights on bringing the magical world of horses to the broader audience with 2Horse Productions®, a nature, science and adventure lifestyle production company.

Advertiser & Sponsor Testimonials

“As an educator and horsewoman, Julie’s knowledge base is extensive, making her the perfect spokesperson for Myler Bits. She works tirelessly to promote Myler Bits through real education and substantive knowledge, rather than marketing glitz and gimmicks. When she speaks in public, we are always confident in her ability to represent our brand professionally and knowledgeably. She has developed an impressive network of consumer outreach through social media, television and personal appearances at both clinics and expos, all of which she utilizes for the promotion of our brand. From a business perspective, she understands our needs and communicates very clearly and honestly. She is always approachable, trustworthy and dependable as a business partner. The best results for our brand have been via the television show Horse Master with Julie Goodnight. The reach is excellent, and the audience is our demographic.”
Judy Auble, Sales Manager for Toklat & Myler Bits
Exclusive Sponsor & Presenting Sponsor for Horse Master with Julie Goodnight since 2009
“Circle Y Saddles has been a proud sponsor of Julie Goodnight for ten years. Julie and her team are dedicated supporters of our products and a pure joy to work with. Julie is a great listener and truly understands the definition of partnership. She and her team consistently take the time to understand our company's goals and incorporate our initiatives into her own. Her followers are a dedicated group of horse owners looking to do the very best for their horses, and therefore will always be our target market. We have found great success partnering with Julie at events and expos. Not only is she able to draw a crowd, but she is able to convey her positive first-hand experiences with our products in face-to-face interactions. Her teaching methods appeal to the masses and her down-to-earth attitude creates a stress-free environment to learn. We will always be proud to call Julie a part of Team Circle Y.”
Darrel Nephew, Circle Y Saddles
Exclusive Sponsor since 2009

Sponsorship & Endorsement

Exclusive Sponsorship

$3500 per month and up; min 24-month commitment
This top-level option includes Goodnight’s exclusive endorsement, extensive digital advertising, and Goodnight actively promoting the product across all her platforms. Exclusive sponsorship includes product placement and advertising, logo/links on Goodnight’s websites, access to Goodnight’s database, social media posting, producing relevant and engaging content for sponsor’s use and first-person promotion at public events. Goodnight only offers exclusive endorsement to select companies, whose products she uses and knows she can stand behind. To be considered for exclusive endorsement, please contact us. To ensure integrity, Goodnight must test and use each product prior to endorsement.

Non-Exclusive Sponsorship

$1500-2500 per month; min. 12-month commitment
Various levels of sponsorship are available that include Goodnight’s non- exclusive endorsement, the use of her likeness and testimonials, and other advertising. Nonexclusive Sponsors may use Goodnight’s likeness and testimonials in their marketing. ,Non-exclusive sponsors may also receive social media postings or digital advertising.

Advertising Opportunities


$980 per send, limited availability
Your content is sent to 31,200 opt-in subscribers under Goodnight’s masthead. We send mobile-friendly eblasts with high-quality content that gets results.

Social Media

$750 per month for 2 posts, 6 months minimum
Access to Goodnight's 353K+ followers will ensure high engagement and reach for your brand on the most effective platforms—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.


$350 per month, 3 months minimum
Once a month, your ad is shared directly with 31,200 opt-in subscribers who are looking for products to enrich their horse life.

Ride On with Julie Goodnight

Podcast Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities





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$500 per month, 3 months minimum
30-second pre-recorded commercial spot during each episode, or Goodnight reads your ad for an additional cost.

Segment sponsor

$950 per month, 6 months minimum
5- to 10-minute sponsored segment in each episode. Join Goodnight for a conversational equine-related segment.. Segment produced and recorded by Goodnight.

Presenting sponsor

$2500 per month, 12 months minimum
Spotlighted at the introduction and conclusion of every episode, mentioned everywhere the podcast is promoted, plus a 5-minute sponsored segment in each episode.

For more information email Twyla@JulieGoodnight.com or call (719)530 – 0531

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