Goodnight Clinics Julie Goodnight clinics focus on understanding the horse’s natural behavior, improving the relationship between horse and rider and developing the rider’s skill and ability to communicate with and control the horse. You’ll leave with a better understanding of your horse and tools to help you create the connection you want! Goodnight offers 2- […]

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Overview: Welcome to Horse Master Online. We are an online subscription service, providing our members with access to episodes of Horse Master television show, streaming over the Internet to certain computers and other devices. Below you will find detailed terms and conditions. You should read and understand them as they govern your use of our […]

Myler Bits

Combination Bits | Snaffle Bits | Curb and Western Show Bits | FEI-Approved Bits |  Shop all bits NOW>>   The guiding principles of Myler bits is to make horses more comfortable in the mouth so that they are more focused in the mind, and therefore more trainable. According to the Myler brothers, “The bit is a […]

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Shipping & Handling | Returns | Saddle & Tack Returns | Clinic Payment & Cancellation | Library Membership Policy | Interactive Membership Policy   SHIPPING & HANDLING: Shipping and handling charges are in addition to the prices quoted for the merchandise. International orders are charged additional shipping fees, according to the destination. Standard shipping and […]