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I Use ShowSheen

to Make My Horse Life Easier
Why I Use ShowSheen

ShowSheen® Hair Polish & Detangler for horses was first introduced back in 1974. I was a horse-crazy teenager back then, living and breathing for the next horse show—


and I may have purchased one of the very first bottles of ShowSheen® to hit the shelves. To me, ShowSheen® was a total game-changer.

As a kid, I thought ShowSheen® was magic—a secret weapon that gave me an advantage at horse shows! Now I know that there was no magic involved.

ShowSheen® was formulated by hair care professionals and it’s enriched with pro-vitamins and silk proteins to nourish and strengthen the hair.

ShowSheen® has been clinically proven to improve detangling, smooth the hair, reduce hair breakage, and repel dirt.

Although I’m no longer competing, I still need my horses to look good for photo shoots, clinics and public training demonstrations. I use ShowSheen® to keep my horse’s manes and tails fuller, to bring out the highlights in their coat color, to increase the muscle definition, and most importantly, to make my horse life easier!

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